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Percussion Instrument Modelling In 3D: Sound Synthesis Through Time Domain Numerical Simulation

Welcome to the companion page for my PhD thesis. Here you can find the supplementary material (sounds and videos) I refer to in the text.

Use the Table of Contents below to navigate to the various chapters. Or you can jump directly to the Virtual instruments chapter for the main results.

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Snare drum
Snare drum
Snare drum
Snare drum
Snare drum
Snare drum

SUPERVISORS: Dr Stefan Bilbao, Dr Cyril Touzé

A research part of the NESS Project, with the financial support of the European Research Council under Grant StG-2011-279068-NESS.

This is a short video that illustrates the main contributions of my thesis.

Table of contents


Chapter 1 - Introduction

Chapter 2 - Linear plate vibration

Chapter 3 - Nonlinear plate vibration

Chapter 4 - Collisions

Chapter 5 - Coupling with the acoustic field in 3D

Chapter 6 - Virtual instruments

Chapter 7 - Summary and conclusions

Appendix A - Experimental investigation of nonlinearities in drum membranes

Appendix B - Finite precision effects in FDTD schemes

Appendix C - Iterative methods for linear systems